Real Comisión para Luxemburgo


H.I. & R.H. the Archduke Istvan Franz  of Austria

Royal Prince of Hungary and Bohemia

Bailiff Grand Cross of Justice



Amb. Guy de Muyser

formerly a Marechal de la Cour Grand Ducale

Knight Jure Sanguinis



R.P.Dr théol. Tom Kerger

Chapelain of Merit with Silver Star


R.P. Prof. Jean Malget

Chapelain (emerit) of Merit with Silver Star


Chancellor, Treasurer & Communication Officer

MA Joseph Nicolas (Jo) Kohn

Knight of Justice



Guillaume de Mullot de Villenaut

Knight Jure Sanguinis



Nobile Federico Arcelli

Knight of Justice


Delegate for ladies

Violaine Silvestro von Kameke

Dame of Merit


Director of Office of Internet Communications of the Constantinian Order and The Royal House of Borbone Two Sicilies

Romain Reinard

Knight of Merit with Silver Star